In its move to come up with an ‘integrated smart administrative city’, the Telangana government is considering relocating the legislative assembly to HITEC City. The idea is to bring administrative processes to one place in an organized manner. It will eventually house the secretaries, ministers, and head of departments in one complex.

The Telangana government plans to shift the legislative assembly and the state secretariat to HITEC City (Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City) in order to streamline administrative functions. In many major cities in India, you will notice that various government offices and buildings, including the secretariat and assembly buildings, are situated at quite a distance from each other. While this may not seem to be a major problem in controlling the functions of a state, streamlining is always welcome.

Why the Shift?
Many parts of India are seeking new ideas to improve administration and help make the future brighter. Administrative efficiency is crucial to any improvements that we wish to make. For example, the ordeal of booking train tickets by standing in long queues for hours is on its way out. Today, you can skip the queue by simply logging on to the Indian Railways website and booking your tickets in mere minutes.

According to the proposed plan, the legislative assembly will be shifted only once the secretariat building becomes operational. The reasoning behind the idea of coming up with an integrated administrative cluster is to put the entire administrative infrastructure in one location. This will make things much simpler in the long run and will benefit both citizens and ministers.

Where’s it happening?
The first question that comes to mind when you hear about a large-scale government project like this is ‘where?’. There is a large tract of government land, hundreds of acres, near HITEC City, behind Shilparamam. If you’ve been to Hyderabad, or live there, you will know that HITEC City comprises of many software firms, some of which are multinational companies. These companies, put together, employ thousands of employees and they are growing with every passing year.

Before settling on HITEC City, the government was planning to go with either the defense land at the Bison Polo Ground or the land surrounding the Erragadda Chest Hospital. However, neither of these plans worked out for them. The land around the hospital got tied-up in a court case and also saw large-scale protests. On the other hand, the Bison Polo Ground proved to be a costly affair for the government. The Defense Ministry demanded Rs. 600 crores for 60 acres of land, and the idea was promptly canned. To avoid further delays to this plan, the government decided to utilize its own land near HITEC City.

Will This Affect Traffic?
You might expect that a plan of this scale might affect traffic flow in the city of Hyderabad. This is another factor that caused the government to shift their plans to HITEC City, since the effect on traffic will be much lesser here, when compared to areas like Bison Polo Ground and Erragadda Chest Hospital. There is no point in trying to streamline administrative processes if the plans to do so throw off other basic infrastructure and cause more problems.

How will it Impact the Real Estate Market?
K.C. Rao is the man behind the idea of shifting Telangana Secretariat and Assembly to HITEC City. At present, the Secretariat is located on the banks of Hussain Sagar Lake. Once the Telangana government shifts out of its old workplace, K.C. Rao has plans of building high-rise residential and commercial properties on the vacant property. He desires to build skyscrapers on the 22 acres of land surrounding Hussain Sagar Lake. While this may be good news for developers and investors, conservationists are against the idea as they think it would destroy the ecology of the lake. However, the Telangana government has plans of expanding Hussain Sagar Lake and turning it into a freshwater lake before constructing the new buildings.

Once this plan is implemented, the smart administrative city is expected to be a boon to Telangana. It will help the state grow further and streamline administration and governance, while also reflecting Hyderabad’s changing image. A government official has stated that the first priority is to build the secretariat’s structure, while the assembly and the council will be shifted in the final stages.